By capturing and analyzing physiological data in real-time, ViTAL enables precise human performance quantification and biofeedback, paving the way for personalized training experiences across various domains, including healthcare, sports, and occupational safety.


Virtual Training Augmentation Layer

ViTAL Components

Mobile App

Captures physiological data from wearable devices in real-time and streams it to the simulation using the LSL protocol.

Unity SDK

Connects the simulation (2D, 3D, XR) in Unity with physiological data in the cloud using MongoDB. Data can be seen in real-time for biofeedback.

Cloud Dashboard

Personalized front-end interface for data visualization and interpretation, allowing interpreting the simulation and physiological data.

From the Lab to the Field

From the lab to the field, ViTAL transcends traditional training boundaries. It harnesses physiological data for real-world application, revolutionizing personal development. This seamless transition showcases ViTAL's ability to transform theoretical insights into practical, impactful training solutions, marking a new era in adaptive learning.

Heart Rate Variability

Changes in heart rate can be used as powerful indicators of psychological stress during fight-and-flight (sympathetic) and rest-and-digest situations.


The activity of the body’s sweat glands measured by the conductivity levels reflects users’ levels of physiological arousal measured on the palm or wrist.

Cognitive States

Brainwaves (electrical measures of brain activity) measured through EEG devices are used to detect cognitive states such as focus, calm, or alertness.

Mental Workload

Also called Cognitive Load, it can be measured via Eye tracking technologies, which allow accessing pupil behavior to discriminate task difficulty and cognitive resources.

Kinematic Data

Movement patterns can be extracted from kinematic data collected using inertial measurement units embedded in controllers and XR headsets.


Facial electromyography is used to capture micro-expressions via electrical activation of the face muscles and translate those into affective states such as boredom or surprise

Physiological Analytics

Data Dashboards

Data analytics is pivotal in ViTAL, turning physiological signals into actionable insights. It analyzes heart rate, stress, and cognitive load to tailor training to individual needs, enhancing learning outcomes and performance quantification. Through sophisticated algorithms, ViTAL provides a personalized, adaptive training experience, optimizing human potential. This makes data analytics an indispensable component in modern training, revolutionizing how personal development and performance improvement are approached.

We have collaborated with them

We have partnered with many government institutions and private corporations to conduct research and shape the design and development of ViTAL as a tool to augment virtual training